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Ghana Statistical Service lunched National Reporting Platform on SGDs indicators

As part of activities to mark the African Statistics Day 2018, the Ghana Statistical Service on Nov 19th, 2018 launched the National Reporting Platform, a website where the public can now view, track and interact with the progress on each of the 244 indicators under the 17 SDGs.

The website link: https://sustainabledevelopment-ghana.github.io/sdg-indicators/ has three particular features we’d like to bring to the attention of our membership:

1. TRACKING PROGRESS ON SDG INDICATORS: If you click on the SDG icons on the homepage, you will be brought to a page that lists all the indicators for that goal. By clicking on the indicator, you can see the data and tracking of that indicator. Some of these (e.g. Indicator 3.2.1 on child mortality – pictured below) include interactive maps. You can also download the data yourself.
2. TRACKING DATA: Under the tab “Reporting Status” at the top right of the homepage, you can see the status of government data on each indicator. This gives us information on which indicators the government has data and those that still need to have data sources identified or verified. The government only has data verified for 32 of the 244 indicators to date, which means that much work still needs to be done to ensure that we have the required information to monitor and report on our progress on the SDGs.

3. GIVE FEEDBACK: GSS is asking for feedback on this National Reporting Platform. At the top of the screen, where it says “Alpha”, you will see a link to give feedback on what you find missing or needing improvement on the Platform.

This online platform will be useful for our work in tracking progress on the SDGs and holding government accountable to both monitoring and achieving these important global goals in Ghana. We encourage our members to familiarize themselves with this online tool.


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