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CSOs Platform on SDGs signs a one year project agreement with STAR-Ghana

The Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Platform on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has signed a one year project agreement with Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness (STAR-Ghana).

The agreement was signed on Wednesday August 8th 2018 at a meeting of the Co-chairs of the Platform held at the STAR Ghana head office at Labone.

The Agreement which takes effect from August 1st 2018 will provide a total sum of Two Hundred and Twenty Nine Thousand, Four Hundred and Ninety Ghana Cedis (GHS229, 490) for implementing activities aimed at promoting the effective implementation of the SDGs in Ghana including support for running the CSO Platform secretariat.

The support from STAR Ghana is the first external grant to be received by the Platform since its establishment in 2015. The CSO Platform on SDGs is the first civil society organization to be established in Ghana without any external donor support. For the past two years, the Platform received financial support from its membership for meetings and other support including running the secretariat and payment of salary for the Platform Coordinator.

The Activities to be implemented under the project will include: conducting a needs assessment of members of the Platform, thematic mapping of stakeholders working on the SDGs, capacity building of members on networking and partnership, facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnership on the SDGs among others.


The CSO Platform on SDGs was established in October 2015 to ensure more coordinated civil society efforts in achieving the SDGs in Ghana. The Platform was institutionalised in May, 2016.

The Platform presently counts over 180 member organisations, including coalitions, associations, unions, community-based organisations, local, national and international non-governmental organisations and religious groups. The Platform’s membership cuts across the regions and districts in the country. Platform members are divided into 17 sub-platforms, one for each of the 17 goals. Each of the 17 sub-platform is headed by a team of one convener and two-five co-conveners. The convening team coordinates activities and joint efforts, and represents the SDG Platform.

All conveners are national civil society groups; co-conveners and platform members are a combination of international, national and local actors. All conveners, co-conveners and members are organisations with a proven track record that also implement projects and activities related to the platform goal.



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